Veterans Boot Camp Assistance

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Veterans Boot Camp Assistance

  • Up to $750.00 Emergency Financial Assistance with past due Rental or Mortgage Payments
  • Up to $375.00 Emergency Financial Assistance towards each of their past due Electric, Gas and or Water bills
  • $100.00 per Veteran plus an additional $100.00 for each qualifying family member in Emergency Financial Assistance for food with Aldi Gift Cards
  • Up to 40 weeks of free CTA/Pace Transportation Cards, Public Transportation Assistance for medical, school or work related travel needs
  • Up to $1,000.00 Financial Assistance for the family of a deceased Veteran for Burial/Funeral costs
  • Assistance with obtaining FREE certified copies of a Veterans DD214, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate and/or Marriage License
  • Assistance with retrieving FREE new work related attire and/or tools needed for a Veteran to attend a job interview or perform their current job duties

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